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Drill Hall Library Communications Charter

Effective communication is a fundamental part of our mission to deliver an excellent academic experience. This charter defines how we will communicate with you to deliver news and key messages. It also outlines what you can expect of us and what we can expect of you.

How we will communicate with you

  • All our users and stakeholders can access information on our website that is clear, accessible, and up to date (including opening hours and service updates “Latest News”)
  • Our website provides key contact details for different support services
  • Any service updates are communicated in a timely manner using a range of communication channels (including website, digital signage, and social media)
  • Our digital signage is located across the library providing relevant service information
  • Emails are used to communicate messages regarding your library account or external membership
  • We collaborate with our internal stakeholders and campus partners via meetings sharing current news and other information to help raise awareness of our services across campuses

What you can expect of us

  • We will regularly review to improve our range of communication methods
  • We will ensure that our communication is targeted, timely and effective and accessible to all using the most appropriate method
  • We will provide clear and consistent communications utilising Drill Hall Library style guides, logo and following social media guidelines and digital display policy
  • You can simply tell us your views, share your library experience, communicate ideas, ask a question, or report any concerns directly to a member of staff at the Reception or Helpdesk or via email to
  • We will fully respond to any email or feedback within 48 hours (two working days)

What we ask of you

  • We ask that all our users to familiarise themselves and make use of all communication methods we make available to you and access the information regularly
  • We ask that you tell us if your contact details (i.e., your email address) changes regarding your library account (external memberships only)
  • We ask that our campus partners and academic staff to support this charter by sharing our information within their own communications
Please tell us your views!
Tell us your views

If you wish to report a disturbance between 5pm to 8am please talk to our security staff at the Drill Hall Library entrance.