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About Us

Who We Are


Our vision is for academic activity at the Medway campus to be maximised by using and sharing knowledge and information, facilitated by expertise and exploiting technologies.


  • Listening to and responding to the people who use our services
  • Valuing our staff by investing in and supporting them to deliver excellent services
  • Collaborating by sharing experiences and ideas with our partners
  • Innovating by seeking to creatively develop our services
  • Seeking quality and striving to add value to the experience of those using our services
  • Embracing diversity and seeing strength in a range of people, skills and backgrounds
  • Working sustainably by using our resources efficiently to create a positive impact
  • Acting responsibly with professionalism and enthusiasm
  • Sharing our passion for the Medway campus and our respect for its rich history


Our mission is for the Drill Hall Library to play a central role in delivering an excellent academic experience. This will be delivered through services that empower Medway students, teachers and researchers to study, educate and discover by using resources and information technologies in the library and shared spaces.

Strategic themes

Delivering high quality, inviting and flexible study environments in shared spaces at the Medway Campus.

Developing partnerships with our academic partners, local bodies and all those with a stake-hold in activity at the Medway campus.

Providing high-quality, reliable and modern technological infrastructure.

Collecting information and library resources from printed books through to innovative electronic sources in Medway subject areas, and facilitating their academic use.

Developing services that empower our community to realise their academic potential and ambitions through the use of information and related technologies.

Please tell us your views!
Tell us your views

If you wish to report a disturbance between 5pm to 8am please talk to our security staff at the Drill Hall Library entrance.