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Drill Hall Library Code of Conduct

In Brief:

Please ensure you observe the following:

  • You must carry your valid University ID or Access Scheme membership card with
    you at all times and present it upon request. Without ID you will not be permitted
    entry to the Drill Hall.
  • You must not allow any other person to use your ID or membership card.
  • You are expected to treat staff and other users with respect.
  • Pay attention to the noise restrictions and Zone rules across the library.
  • Cold food/snacks may only be eaten in two areas, the Archibald Hay Mess café and
    the Group Zone. Drinks in lidded cups or bottles are allowed.
  • Using a mobile phone is not allowed in the Silent Zone.
  • If you use audio equipment it must not be audible to others.
Endorsed by the campus representatives of the participating institutions and student unions:

Canterbury Christ Church University
Greenwich and Kent Students’ Unions Together (GK Unions)
University of Greenwich
University of Kent

  • Accepting the library Rules and Regulations is implicit in signing your university’s
    regulations as part of your registration.
  • This Code of Conduct provides an outline of your responsibilities in respect of the Drill
    Hall Library and should be read together with the library Rules and Regulations, which
    can be found at:
  • It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with our Rules and Regulations and Code of
    Conduct and adhere to them.
Your safety and security
  • Get to know the fire escape routes and leave the building promptly when asked to do so
    by staff or when the emergency alarm sounds.
  • When plugging in laptops, use the desktop power points and do not trail leads across
  • The library does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your personal
  • The library reserves the right to remove items of personal property left unattended.
  • The library may log off any library computing equipment left unattended for more than 45
  • You must always carry your valid University ID card or library card as your form of identification. You must show your ID or library card whenever asked to do so by library staff.
It is unacceptable to
  • Enter the library by means other than the designated entrance.
  • Enter the library by using someone else’s card.
  • Allow someone else to use your University ID card or library card to gain access to the
  • Allow others to use your computer login or library account.
  • You must adhere to the zone rules regarding noise. Failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave the zone or the library. Formal University disciplinary procedures may be instigated.

Silent Zone – no talking, solo working, no mobile phones
Quiet Zone – quiet conversation, small working groups
Group Zone – normal conversation

  • Archibald Hay Mess café – hot and greasy food permitted.
  • Group Zone ground floor – cold food and snacks only are permitted.
  • All other areas of the library food is not permitted, this includes, teaching rooms, group
    rooms, Silent and Quiet zones and corridors
  • Drinks are allowed in lidded cups and bottles – please report spillages to a member of staff. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed.
  • Smoking or vaping e-cigarettes is not allowed in any part of the library or within 5 metres of the building.
Use of mobile phones
  • Mobile phones must be set to silent mode in the library – no ring tones.
  • Calls must not be made or received in the Silent Zone.
  • Calls made or received in the Quiet and Group Zones should be conducted quickly and quietly.
Use of audio equipment
  • Any use of audio equipment, including library equipment, must only be through headphones at a low volume, and must not be audible to others.
Library transactions
  • Items may be removed from the library only after the appropriate borrowing procedures
    have been followed.
  • No transactions may be undertaken without a valid library card.
  • A library card may only be used by the named person to whom it was issued.
  • You are liable at all times for any transactions on your card.
  • You are responsible for all materials that have been issued to you.
  • You are responsible for any charges levied for any loaned items issued to your account
Anti-social behaviour such as the following will not be tolerated
  • Demeaning, abusive, indecent or offensive language or comments.
  • Shouting and/or use of aggressive or inappropriate gestures.
  • Threatening behaviour.
  • Verbal or physical harassment.
  • Behaviour that discriminates on the basis of age, disability, gender, race or any other irrelevant distinction.
You are required to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to a study environment and with respect and consideration for other users.
Theft, loss and vandalism

You will be held responsible for:

  • The improper removal of all or any part of an item or the mutilation or defacement of
    library materials, property and equipment.
  • Lost or damaged library property on loan to, or being used by you.
Photography and filming
  • Taking photographs and filming (including where this facility exists on mobile phones) is not permitted, except with written permission from the Library Manager.
Use of resources
  • Use of electronic information resources (e-journals, e-books and datasets etc) must conform to the copyright regulations indicated by each publisher or supplier.
  • Copies of print material can only be made in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act (1988), which is displayed by each copier.
Computing facilities
  • University users are required to abide by the regulations for computer use issued by their home institution, which should be read and applied in conjunction with the library Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct.
Any persons using the computing facilities at the Drill Hall Library agree to the following:
  • You agree that your use of the system may be monitored.
  • You must not make use of another person’s account or allow any use of your own account by any other person.
  • You must not view or display any material that is indecent, pornographic, discriminatory, inflammatory or likely to cause offence.
  • You must not tamper with any hardware or software that forms any part of the computer facility or install any software onto library equipment.
  • You must not attempt to access any unauthorised sections of the network.
  • You must not plug any equipment, including, but not restricted to, mobile or laptop charging equipment, into the floor boxes in the library. Desktop electrical sockets are provided for your use throughout the library. It is forbidden to unplug any running equipment or otherwise interfere with the running of the computer system.
  • You may not use the computing facilities to run a business or to otherwise seek to make monetary profit.
  • You are asked to note that while every effort is made to provide as complete a level of service as is possible, the library is unable to guarantee a 100% level of availability of its service as this may be affected by various factors outside of our control, such as power outage, building damage or equipment failure.
Contravention of the library Rules and Regulations
  • May require you to leave the library or a particular Zone.
  • May render you subject to disciplinary action under the appropriate formal university disciplinary procedures.
  • May result in a temporary or permanent withdrawal of access to the library.
  • May render you liable to prosecution.

Users who contravene our Code of Conduct will be given fair warning and every opportunity to comply.


Feedback may be left via email:



This Code of Conduct has been drawn up to ensure that the Drill Hall Library is a pleasant and rewarding place to study.

Our staff are committed to providing a courteous and professional service to you. In return you are required to follow this Code of Conduct.

Revised September 2016

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If you wish to report a disturbance between 5pm to 8am please talk to our security staff at the Drill Hall Library entrance.