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Subject Librarians

Each subject studied on the Medway campus is allocated an Academic Support Librarian. Also frequently called subject librarians, they offer subject-specific support to students and academics on the Medway campus.

Booking a Librarian 1 to 1


Please provide some times between 9am to 5pm when you are free and the subject area you would like to discuss.

We can also use Microsoft Teams for online meetings which all students have access to for free.

David Bedford
  • Health and medical care
  • Pharmacy
  • Education
  • Christ Church Business School
Karen Worden

Collections development strategic lead.

  • Social Sciences, including Criminology and Criminal Justice and Social Work
  • Kent Business School
  • Journalism
  • Digital and Lifelong Learning
  • Music and arts
Mina Stoynova

Partnerships and outreach shared strategic lead.

  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Natural Resources Institute

Librarians at other sites

Contact details for librarians at the partner institutions’ other sites can be found on their web pages:

Learning and Teaching Support

Academic staff can organise training sessions with the librarians as part of their programmes or modules, covering information skills such as finding literature and referencing.

We take a developmental approach to these skills, working in partnership with each School to ensure that we teach within the context of the subject.

See our Learning and Teaching Support Offer page for more details, and get in contact with your librarian individually or via to book training or teaching for your students.

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Tell us your views

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