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Noisy neighbours?

Click on the Noisy Neighbours icon on the desktop if you are being disturbed by noise and a member of staff will arrive in the area as soon as possible.

Library spaces

Space to suit all learning styles

The Drill Hall Library provides a range of different areas to suit all learning styles. However we do ask you to respect the different spaces and your fellow students by working appropriately in each area. If you need any help please visit one of our help points. Alternatively roaming library staff are available to help students wherever they are working and to help preserve a safe learning environment for all our users.

Each zone in the library has rules regarding noise and behaviour, to allow everyone to study in a way which suits them.

You can eat and drink in the Archibald Hay Mess cafe. Only drinks with screw-top lids and Keep Cups are allowed within the library. You can also eat cold food in the Group Study Zone.

Silent Zone

Please use this area if you wish to work alone and in complete silence. Located at the far end of the library towards the Pilkington building, you will find a range of traditional computer desks and study carrels. The mezzanine area above is also part of this zone. Mobile phones cannot be used in this area. Drinks are permitted in secure lidded containers but no food is allowed.

Quiet Zone

The middle section of the library is reserved for quiet work, either individually or in pairs. Again there is a range of seating. Short, quiet mobile phone conversations are allowed. Drinks are permitted in secure lidded containers but no food is allowed.

Group Zone

This area of the library includes our cafe, the Archibald Hay Mess. You may work in larger groups here or take advantage of our group study rooms. There is also a mezzanine area above the zone.

Cold food and drinks in securely lidded containers are allowed in this zone.

If you want to practice a presentation or work as a larger group you can book one of our practice presentation rooms at reception.


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