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The Drill Hall Library catalogue contains details of everything on the shelves in our library and in the University of Greenwich libraries at Avery Hill and Stockwell Street. Material from all three libraries is available to borrow. The catalogue is available online and via PCs located at the catalogue stations in the library. The catalogue helps you search for books and other items that are available to you and where to find them.

How to use the catalogue

To search the catalogue, just type one or more words into the Search box, such as an author's surname, some words from the title of a book or a subject keyword. For more information about how to use the catalogue please see our leaflet or click on the Help link at the top of the catalogue page.

When you find a book you are interested in, click on its title for information about how many copies are available and in which library it is located. From this screen,make a note of the shelfmark. This is a series of numbers followed by three letters which will help you find the book in the library.

Books with a location of Medway campus will be found on the shelves in the Drill Hall Library.

Staff are available in the library to help you - either find someone �roaming� the building or visit the Welcome Desk.

What if the book isn't available at Medway?

If all copies of the book you want are at the Avery Hill or Stockwell Street libraries, or are on loan to other people, you can place a reservation. From the catalogue page showing details of the book, click on Reserve this item then enter your borrower number (if you're not sure what this is there are instructions on screen). Then click Reserve again, making sure that the drop-down box says Medway campus. For more information, see reserving.

University of Kent students - please use LibrarySearch to request books from the Templeman Library in Canterbury - find the book you want, click the Details tab and select "Request delivery to Drill Hall Library".

How do I find items once I've looked them up?

The catalogue will give you the item's shelfmark - make a note of this. The shelfmark (a series of numbers followed by three letters) will be on the spine of the book.

Signs on the shelf-ends in the library indicate which numbers are on that shelf. Books are in numerical order using Dewey Decimal Classification, which is a system for arranging books by subject. If the numbers are confusing, you can download our guide to the Dewey Decimal System.

Only items listed on the catalogue with a location of Medway campus will be found in the Drill Hall Library. If you require items from the Avery Hill or Stockwell Street libraries you will need to reserve them.

What about e-resources - e-books and e-journals?

Some items on the catalogue say they are available as an e-resource. These are only accessible to University of Greenwich students and staff. Students and staff from the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University should check their subject guides for information on how to access electronic resources. University of Greenwich users can use the catalogue as a guide to which resources are available to them, but should access them by logging in to the Portal, and using the resources available on the Library & Computing tab.




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