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Universities at Medway students can borrow a total of 20 items on their library account. Most items can be issued on our self-service machines, but certain items (such as inter-library loans obtained via the document delivery service) will need to be collected and issued from the Helpdesk.

Most items are four-week loans or 7-day loans. Some items are reference, which means that they can only be used in the library.

All items on our shelves are listed on our catalogue. For details of how to use it, see the information on using the library catalogue.


All items on your account will be automatically renewed unless another user has reserved the item. Charges are levied against your library account if you do not return a reserved item, for damaging library stock or losing items on loan to you. Unpaid charges can lead to your library account being blocked, which will mean that you can no longer borrow any items from the library.

Late return of items

Fines are charged to ensure books are kept in circulation and are made available to others who need them. If you believe that fines have been charged that you should not have to pay, you must complete a Fines Appeal Form. This process ensures that everyone is treated equally and fairly.

Fines for non-return of reserved items

If you do not return a reserved item by its due date, you will be charged fines until it is returned (all charges accrued will still be payable when the item is returned). Charges for Medway-based students are:

  • 30p per day for ordinary (four-week) loan;
  • 50p per day for 7-day loan; and
  • 50p per hour for overnight loan.

If you allow your fines to reach £20 your account will automatically be blocked. You will need to pay your fines to reactivate your account.

Not based at Medway? Check your home institution's web pages. Please note that rates of fines are applied according to the site which your university has listed as your home site.

Paying fines and charges

Charges can be paid at the self-service machines using cash or card (the machine which has this function can be found next to the photocopiers), or payment can be taken at the Helpdesk during core staffed hours. Telephone payments (credit or debit card) for fines over £5.00 can be made by calling 01634 883278 between the hours of:

  • Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00
  • Saturday-Sunday: 11:00-17:00 (term time only)

Lost, damaged and unreturned items

It is your responsibility to take care of the items you borrow from the library. In the event that you lose, damage or fail to return an item, you will be invoiced for the replacement cost. This amount will be added to any charges on your library account. If you have any queries about the procedures below, please enquire at the Helpesk.

Lost items

If you have lost an item, please contact us as soon as possible. Either visit the Helpdesk or telephone 01634 883278. When you report an item as missing or lost, we start a search of the library for it. If it is not found after 60 days, we will invoice you for a replacement, although you can ask to be invoiced sooner if you wish. Once you have paid your invoice, we will clear your account. Alternatively, you may choose to replace the item yourself (see Replacing items below).

If you find the item before the invoice is paid, normal overdue charges are payable on it up to the day it is returned to the library. You will not need to pay the invoice, which will be cancelled.

Damaged items

If an item is returned damaged, we will invoice you for the replacement cost. Alternatively, you may choose to replace the item yourself (see Replacing items below).

Unreturned books

If you have not returned an item by the 30th day after it was due, we will invoice you for the replacement cost. If you return the item after this has occurred, you will not need to pay the invoice, but will need to pay the overdue fines.

Paying your invoice

Invoice charges cannot be paid at the self-service machines. You can pay your invoice:

  • at the Helpdesk (cash or card); or
  • by telephone (card payment) between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday-Friday on 01634 883278.

If you pay your invoice for a lost item you will not need to pay the overdue fines. If you then find the item you should keep it.

We will always issue a receipt for such payments - if you do not receive one, please ask for one immediately - we cannot issue receipts retrospectively.

**NB** We will suspend (block) your library account if you have an unpaid invoice for a lost, damaged or unreturned item. The block will remain in place until such time as the invoice has been paid, the item has been replaced or the original item has been returned to the library and the fines accrued have been paid.

If you find a lost item after you have paid the invoice, we will not refund the cost. The book is yours once paid for, so please ensure you check thoroughly before paying the invoice.

Replacing items

If you replace an item that you have lost or damaged, you will not need to pay the overdue fines (lost items only) or replacement invoice. Replacement items should be:

  • new or in as-new condition;
  • the same edition or later, not an earlier edition; and
  • the same publisher as the lost/damaged item.





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