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Universities at Medway students can borrow a total of 20 items on their library account. Most items can be issued on our self-service machines, but certain items (such as inter-library loans obtained via the document delivery service) will need to be collected and issued from the Helpdesk. Borrowing requires your student or staff ID card, which is also required for entry to the library.

Most items are four-week loans or 7-day loans. Some items are reference, which means that they can only be used in the library.

All items on our shelves are listed on our catalogue. For details of how to use it, see the information on using the library catalogue.


Borrowing from other sites

Other campus sites - Avery Hill, Stockwell Street, Templeman Library, Augustine House, Salomons

Items from your university's other campus libraries can be sent to the Drill Hall Library. Simply log in to your university's LibrarySearch, identify the book you wish to borrow and click "Place Reservation" - it will then be collected from its home library and sent to the Drill Hall Library for collection.  Please note that it can take several days for a book to arrive at the Medway site, and you will not be able to request a book from another site if there are copies on the shelves in the Drill Hall Library. We will send an email to your university account when it arrives it can then be collected from the reservation shelves near the self-service machines. Items from other site libraries can be renewed as usual and can be returned at any of your university's libraries.

Please note that Medway campus students and staff who wish to access the the libraries belonging to one of the other universities will need to join SCONUL Access in advance of their visit. No access will be permitted without SCONUL Access membership documentation and your home institution ID card.

Journal articles (photocopies)

Paper journals are reference only and cannot be borrowed or transferred across library sites. You can, however, request a photocopy from journals held at your university's other libraries.

Please note that due to copyright law you can only request one article per issue and this service covers only paper, not electronic, journals.

Collect a Document Supply and Inter-Library Loans request form from the Drill Hall Library Helpdesk or online. Make sure you include as much information as possible to help staff find the article. You must sign the copyright declaration on the form, otherwise we cannot supply the article to you.

We will send an email to your university account when the article arrives and you can collect it from the Helpdesk.

Please note that photocopying journal articles is charged at 5p per A4 B&W page and 20p per A4 colour page. These charges are payable on collection.

Other libraries, including the British Library

Books and other items can also be borrowed from the British Library and other university libraries through our Document Deliveryy service. It is possible to visit other university libraries in person through a reciprocal access scheme.



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