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Finding and borrowing items

See the library catalogue to find out exactly which items are available on the shelves here. For how to borrow items, see the borrowing section.

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Study resources

The Drill Hall Library holds a vast range of physical and electronic resources to help with your studies. Some of these can be found on the shelves and others are available electronically through the internet.

There are around 130,000 books in our collection. Most of these are on the shelves in the Quiet and Silent Zones and are in numerical order according to the number on the spine of the book (shelfmark). The numbers are taken from the Dewey Decimal system, which is used by many libraries. If you haven't used a library before these numbers can be confusing - try using our Guide to the Dewey Decimal System.

As well as the main collection, there is a special collection of books called the Lifestyle Collection. This includes books on health and wellbeing (eg exercise, diet and stress management) and the local area as well as a collection of popular fiction. These books are available to all library users and can be found in the Group Study Zone.

A collection of journals can be found in the Group Study Zone, arranged by broad subject area. Journals – also known as periodicals or serials – are specialist publications that are published regularly. Some are weekly, others less frequent. They are an excellent resource for your studies because they contain up-to-date information and reports of current research for your subject. They generally contain more recent information than books do, and will be much more focussed on specific areas that are too specialised for books to cover. Most journals are available online – through your university, you will have access to thousands of different journal titles, far more than we have space for on our shelves. To find out how to access these, see electronic resources.

We also have DVDs (in the Quiet Zone near the book sorter), maps (between the Quiet and Silent Zones - see the map collection guide for more information) and music CDs (on racks in the Quiet Zone) available.




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