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Unattended belongings & PCs

The library is introducing a new policy on unattended belongings and PCs that are left idle by users for a long time. This will mean that any belongings left in the library for such period will be removed by staff and PCs restarted to be available for other users. Any unsaved data or temporary files may be lost in this process.

The new policy was introduced as a response to user feedback and has been endorsed by the Library User Group in October 2014.

All the removed items are kept for a fortnight after which they will be disposed of. The owners of the unattended belongings can claim their property back from Reception by presenting a valid ID and providing an appropriate description of the items.

We advise all our users not to leave your belongings in the library and to save your work regularly on the network drive or memory stick to avoid losing any important files and documents.

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