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Keeping your work safe

Please come along to one of our awareness sessions at the KeyPoint this week and find out how to safe-guard your work. Drop-in sessions will run on Tue 5/11, Wed, 6/11 and Thu 7/11 between 11-12.

Every year we see students in tears because they’ve lost their entire assignment.  This might be due to a USB malfunction or working on a document that they’ve emailed to themselves.  We want to prevent this from happening to you.

Follow our USB code:

1. USE with caution.  USBs can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  They are easily lost and they can corrupt your files.

2. SAVE to the network.  Use your network drive for all important work.  This is secure and backed up regularly.  Click on Start, Computer and select the appropriate network location below:

  • University of Greenwich = G:
  • University of Kent = Z:
  • Canterbury Christ Church = N:

3. BACKUP only.  Use your USB drive to save additional copies of your work and for transferring between home and campus.  Do not save your only copy.

The hidden perils of working from email attachments

Many students lose work opened from email attachments.  Before making any changes always use the Save As option and save it your network drive.  Close the document and open it from the network (not email) to ensure it has saved correctly.

We wish you well in your assignments this term.



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