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Computers and laptops

You will need an IT account to use the computer facilities in the Drill Hall Library. These accounts are provided for you by your home institution. The procedure for claiming your IT account will differ between institutions so please see your home institution's website for details.

Logging in

Once you have your computing account you can log in to any PC in the Drill Hall Library. The method for doing this differs slightly per institution so please follow the instructions displayed on the login screen.

Changing your password

  1. Log in to a computer.
  2. Press Crtl, Alt and Del keys together to display the change password screen.
  3. Enter your old (existing) password.
  4. Then type your new password in the boxes provided.
  5. Click the arrow to exit.

You should change your password regularly for security purposes. Choose a memorable password but never use a word that could be easily guessed, such as your pet's name or your family name. Use a mixture of keyboard characters, upper and lower case and numbers, for example "c0mp!3TE". Never write your password down or share it with anyone.


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