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I've forgotten my user ID or password and can't log in to the computers

Go to the Welcome Desk, where a member of staff will help you.

How much does it cost to print in the library?

Charges vary per institution so you will need to check your university's current pricing tariff. It is usually around 5p for A4 black and white, and 20p for A4 colour. Black and white and colour printers are available in each section of the library. By default all printing is double-sided, although you do have the option to print single-sided if you wish.

How do I pay for printing?

This varies per institution you are studying with.

  • University of Greenwich: you can buy credits from one of the machines located near the photocopiers, behind reception.
  • University of Kent: you can buy credits from the machine located near the photocopiers, behind reception. Alternatively, view and top-up your printing account online.
  • Canterbury Christ Church University: view and top-up your printing account online. Alternatively you can pay for print credit at reception in Rowan Williams Court.

Can I print posters?

Poster printing is available in three sizes; A0 (£4.00), A1 (£2.00) and A2 (£1.00). Posters are printed at the Welcome Desk and you will need to have the file saved on a memory stick. PowerPoint or PDF is the preferred format. If you are working to a deadline please ensure you leave ample time to print as we cannot guarantee to print it immediately. More information is available here.

Can I use my laptop in the Drill Hall Library?

Yes. There are plenty of desks with power sockets for use with laptops; please use these and not the sockets on the floor. The free eduroam wireless network is available throughout the library.

For more information and connection instructions look at our laptops and wireless page, or drop into the Student Support Zone.

I am visiting from another institution, can I use your wireless service?

If your institution also participates in the eduroam service, you may be able to access the wireless service. Take a look here to check if your home institution is eligible.

Can I borrow a laptop?

We have 80 netbooks and 20 laptops available for use within the library. They are electronically tagged and can be used anywhere in the library. More information can be found here. We also have a number of power cables for use with the laptops only - these can be borrowed from the Welcome Desk using your Student ID card.

Where can I get IT help?

For printer queries, ask any member of staff. For problems relating to your account or MS Office please go to the Welcome Desk in the Group Study Zone.

Do you provide training in Microsoft Office?

Training can be arranged for Word, PowerPoint and Excel, for individuals or groups. We can also offer training for poster assignments. For more information please see our training page.

How do I log in to my university e-mail?

The three Medway institutions use different e-mail systems. For more information please follow the appropriate link.

I already have an e-mail address. Do I have to use my university address as well?

Yes. Your university address is our primary method of contacting you. Course information, library reminders and other official information will be sent to this address.

Can I connect my mobile phone to the wireless network?

Yes. Instructions for some common devices can be found here. Due to the number of combinations of phone, network and institution, we cannot guarantee successful connection for all mobile devices.

Where can I buy discounted software for students, such as Microsoft Office?

Students can buy software from the following suppliers at a discounted rate (you must provide proof of registration status at time of purchase).

  • Software4Students suppliers of Microsoft products, anti-virus, Adobe Creative Suite and many other programmes and utilities.
  • The Ultimate Steal official Microsoft higher education discount store.

I need to use specialist software for my studies. Is it available in the library?

A complete list of the software available to students can be found here. For licensing reasons some software is restricted to particular schools or institutions.

Where should I save my work?

It is best practice to save your work regularly and in two different locations. The safest location is your university network storage area as this is backed up every night. Read our storage page for more tips.

I'm working on a group project, but we cant all fit round the screens in the library

Large screens and tables are available in rooms on the ground and first floors of the teaching block adjacent to the Group Study Zone. Large screens are also available in booths in the Archibald Hay Mess and the KeyPoint table when not in use. No booking is required.

I'd like to practice my presentation with my group. Have you got any facilities for this?

Yes. There are three rooms available for this purpose, each equipped with a projector. These facilities must be booked at Reception and require a minimum of three students. They are available in two-hour blocks throughout the day.

Do you have any specialist equipment for dyslexic or disabled students?

Yes. PCs in the Drill Hall Library have a selection of specialist software for student use. We also have dedicated keyboards and screens, magnifying equipment, scanners and height-adjustable tables. Coloured paper is available to assist students with a visual impairment or dyslexia.

For more information, please visit our accessibility pages.


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